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Professional Quilter ~ Teacher ~ Judge

Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor

Ambassador for Beth Helfter’s Accordion-Sewn HSTs

Member of Northcott Fabrics Creators Club


I bought a sewing machine at age 15 with money from my first job, and made clothes and home decor items early on. When the quilting bug bit me later in life, it was a great reason to bring that old Singer sewing machine out of retirement.

I am totally addicted to quilting, and enjoy associating with other quilters who are equally addicted. I’ve been quilting since 1995, teaching since 2004, and judging quilts since 2007. I concentrate on machine piecing and quilting, and I’m always trying new techniques, gadgets and patterns.

I have been fortunate that some of my quilts have won awards across the country, including at A Quilter’s Gathering, Home Machine Quilting Show, Images at the Lowell Quilt Festival, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, International Quilt Festival in Houston, Machine Quilters Exposition, Machine Quilting Today Upper Midwest Show, Maine Quilts, Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show, MQX Quilt Festivals, National Quilting Association, Quilting With Machines, Quiltweek Lancaster, Quiltweek Paducah, Road to California, Southern New Hampshire Quilt Festival, Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace, Vermont Quilt Festival, and the World Quilt Show – New England. Several of my quilts were juried into the AQS show in Paducah in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, winning ribbons in 2015 and 2017.

As an award-winning quilter, I lecture, teach workshops, and give demonstrations at guilds, quilt shops, and quilt shows across the country. I enjoy teaching, especially to beginners.

In 2013, my latest adventure was to become a Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design, Deb Tucker’s tool and technique company.  This certification provides me with the opportunity to continue Deb Tucker’s tradition of excellent instruction combined with fun. Deb’s efficient techniques and her accurate tools make it easy to create beautiful quilts without a lot of fuss.

New in 2017! From Kathie Beltz Quilt Designs: Companion Patterns for Studio 180 Design tools.  I have designed a line of quilt patterns for smaller projects that look complicated, but are easier to make than you might think.  The patterns have easy-to-follow instructions plus the advantages of using Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design precision tools and techniques.

I also have extensive judging experience. My judging philosophy is to acknowledge excellence in quilting, and to educate and encourage quilters of all skill levels. I like to consider my judging work as an extension of my teaching, guiding quilters to improve their skills through constructive comments.

Recently I’ve become an Ambassador for Beth Helfter’s Accordion-Sewn HSTs and a member of the Creators Club at Northcott Fabrics.  All this is keeping me really busy!

I love quilting because it is my therapy. “Me” time in my sewing room is my favorite thing. But on the flip side, I also love the socialization involved in quilt guilds, quilt shows, and quilting retreats. I try to attend quilt retreats twice a year – what a joy to have uninterrupted sewing time!

As a member of the Monadnock Quilters Guild and the Squanicook Colonial Quilt Guild, I’ve held many leadership positions including Secretary, Member-at-Large, Program and Workshop Coordinator, and Block of the Month Coordinator. I’ve served on various committees and been involved in each guild’s quilt show. Luckily these shows occur in alternating years, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep up!

I live in Southern New Hampshire with my husband, Randy, and two English Cocker Spaniels.  Life is good in the “Live Free or Die” state!  


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Here's BlockBuster #56! Wow, a perfect example of how the placement of color and value changes the look of the block. You should have fun playing with this one! ...
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#IGQuiltfest Day 3! 💜💜💜I've been judging and evaluating quilts for 14 years. I've taken many classes and lectures to learn as much as possible about all aspects of quilting, in order to be a professional and informed judge.💜💜💜My judging philosophy is to acknowledge excellence in quilting, and to educate and encourage quilters of all skill levels. I like to consider my judging work as an extension of my teaching, guiding quilters to improve their skills through constructive comments.💜💜💜I offer a lecture entitled “Secrets from the Judge’s Chambers,” an overview on what judges look for when evaluating competition quilts. This lecture is available virtually or in person.💜💜💜Contact me if you have any questions about quilt evaluation.#kathiebeltz #kathiebeltzquiltdesigns #quiltjudging #judging #quiltshows #quiltjudge ...
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I'm catching up for #IGQuiltfest Day Two! Style!💜💜💜It's hard to say that I have a particular style in my quiltmaking, because I'm always trying new techniques and tools. I'll try anything once, even if I decide later that I don't care for it. 💜💜💜But what I especially love is precision piecing. I like applique and other forms of quiltmaking, but my specialty is precision piecing. And I love to show my students how to get those sharp points and matching intersections. That's what makes a quilt pattern pop!💜💜💜Here's my Skyfall quilt, just to give you an idea of my work. Hope you enjoy.#kathiebeltz #kathiebeltzquiltdesigns #studio180design #quilts #quilting #quiltsofinstagram #piecing #ilovetoquilt #quiltersgonnaquilt #quiltingismypassion #quiltingismytherapy #ihavethisthingwithquilts ...
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Hello and Welcome to IG Quiltfest!💜💜💜My name is Kathie Beltz, and I am a professional quilter, teacher, and quilt judge. I've been quilting for 26 years, teaching for 17 years, and judging for 14 years. 💜💜💜In 2013, I became a Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design, Deb Tucker's tool and technique company. In 2017, I launched Kathie Beltz Quilt Designs with my own line of quilt patterns. 💜💜💜My latest adventure is virtual teaching and lecturing. I have classes and lectures for guilds, and live classes available for individuals. 💜💜💜Follow me to find out more information during IG Quiltfest!#kathiebeltz #kathiebeltzquiltdesigns #studio180design #quilts #quilting #quiltsofinstagram #piecing #ilovetoquilt #quiltersgonnaquilt #quiltingismypassion #quiltingismytherapy #ihavethisthingwithquilts #IGQuiltfest ...
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