Carolina Lily (1 Block)


Traditionally the Carolina Lily block is constructed using diamonds, squares, and triangles, and requires many “Y” seams.  For this reason some quilters have tended to shy away from this pattern.  Not any more!  Using rotary cutting and machine piecing techniques, this pattern becomes possible for most quilters.  Pattern includes complete instructions for the “Fast Flying Geese” and “Migrating Geese” techniques.

The Wing Clipper Tool is required for this pattern.  The Quilter’s Magic Wand tool is highly recommended.  These tools are available here at



Pattern Details:

Size:  30 1/2″ x 42 1/2″

Required Tool:  Wing Clipper 1 Tool

Highly Recommended Tool:  Quilter’s Magic Wand

Skill Level:  All Levels

Pattern #DTP005


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