A Mystery UFO – Part 2

In an earlier post, I wrote how I found a batch of hourglass blocks with no specific plan in mind, not that I could tell anyway.  I ended up making two table runners with two different layouts.

These projects were small enough, I decided to quilt them myself.  I laid out the first table runner so that the hourglass blocks made little house units.  I decided to just echo quilt around the houses, three echoes in the teal and two echoes in the peach.  Then triangles in the teal triangles.  Simple, but adds just a little something.

House RunnerHouse runner close up


In the other layout, the hourglass blocks are more obvious, and it gives the runner a more blocky design.  Again, I simply quilted straight lines, echoing around the pieces.


Hourglass RunnerHourglass runner close up


And they are done!  A mystery UFO no longer.


Mystery UFO 1

Mystery UFO 2


And while I was in the quilting mood, I found this top that needed to be quilted.  Not much quilting here, I just stitches around the leaves.  So, three runners done!


Purple Leaf Runner


Binding is also complete on all three runners, so I would say this was a productive couple of weeks.

What will I dig into next week?  See you then.

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