A Mystery UFO

I pulled out another UFO project bag from the closet, and this was what was inside:


Mystery UFO


So, I have a pile of hourglass blocks, lots of extra fabric, and no pattern.  I have no idea what I was planning for these fabrics, hence the mystery.  But the teal and peach are really pretty together, so I’ll work with it.

I’ve been really happy with small projects that I can get done quickly, so I’ll make a table runner.  I cut some rectangles to go with the hourglass blocks, and started playing with layouts.


Layout for runners


There’s nothing wrong with a simple layout.  After moving pieces around a few times, I came up with these two designs.  Hmmmmm.   I like them both.  Since I have enough for two runners, I’ll make both!

Here are the tops sewn together:


A mystery UFO


It’s interesting to see what a difference turning the blocks makes.  Which one do you like better?  The one on top, or the one on the bottom?

Maybe I’ll draft a pattern.  Or two.  Not bad for a mystery UFO.


On to the quilting!  I’ll show you that in my next post.

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