An Autumn Wallhanging

One good thing about all this indoor time is that I get to work on UFOs.  A number of years ago, maybe 6 or 7, I cleaned out my closet in the sewing room and did a major purge.  I pulled out all my UFOs and donated the ones I didn’t like anymore and knew I wouldn’t finish.  (My quilt guild holds a UFO auction every two years to raise money for the guild.)  Now I’m working on the projects that I kept.  Some go back 20 years!  Yikes!

This week’s project is a cute Autumn wall hanging that I got as a kit in 2003. It’s called Harvest Party by The Quilt Collection. And, surprisingly, you can still find these kits on Ebay.

I had gotten as far as cutting and fusing all the applique pieces, then adding the borders.


An Autumn Wallhanging - Scarecrow wallhanging


The first thing I did was to sew down all the pieces with a straight line stitch.  I didn’t add any fancy stitches because I just wanted to get it done!  Next, I added the 3-D embellishments:  straw hands and a scarf on the scarecrow.  Then I added some embroidery.  Embroidery is another technique I don’t do often, but I think my work was passable.  🙂


An Autumn Wallhanging - scarecrow close-upAn Autumn Wallhanging - Cat close-upAn Autumn Wallhanging - Wheat bale


I simply added stitches for the scarecrow’s face, the cat’s face, and lines to the bale of wheat.

Now on to the quilting!  I usually quilt by check; I don’t normally have the time to add quilting to a piece.  But this is a small project, and I’ll keep it simple.


Echo quiltingBorder quilting


I echo quilted in the black background around all the objects, then added straight lines to the stripes in the border.  Simple, yet effective.

I’ll add a dark green binding, and Voila!  I’m done.  Another UFO bites the dust, and I have an Autumn wallhanging that I made myself.

I’m loving all these small projects.  I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.  Yay!

Till next week,


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