In my last blog post, I was playing with the Wedge Star tool, and made three different kinds of blocks to make the Freelancer quilt.

This week I played with the Twisted Wedge Star Technique Sheet.  Deb Tucker’s technique sheets help to create more variations of blocks based on certain tools.  The Twisted Wedge Star is another block you can make with the Wedge Star tool.



I decided to make a basic 6-inch block.  Following the Cutting Chart and the directions on the technique sheet, I cut strips from two colors that will become the star points.  After sewing the strips together lengthwise, I sub-cut the strip set into diamonds.  Now that I have diamonds, I can follow the directions that came with the Wedge Star tool to make the block.



Following the directions, I cut small wedges from the background fabric.  I add the wedges to the diamonds, first on the right pressing to the diamond, then on the left pressing to the wedge.  This larger wedge will now be trimmed, aligning the two seams with the 6-inch lines on the tool.



I sew two wedges together to create one-quarter of the block.  Since the seams will nest, it is easier to match the seams between the star points.  Again I trim to make the corner square.



I sew two quarters together to create half the block.  Notice that I’ve pressed all these seams open to help eliminate bulk at the center of the star.



I sew two halves together and – voila! – I have a star.  Look at those nice sharp points, at the center and at the outside points.



Now to make this octagon a square, I need to trim four alternating sides then add triangles.  Then, finally, trim again to square off the corners.



Lots of trimming, but look how accurate the blocks are.  Notice, too, that you can spin the star to the right or to the left.  Right or left is determined by how you position the original star point strips at the beginning. Easy Peasey!

Next up – Diamond Four-Patch Wedge.  Stay tuned!


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