Binding – The Last Push to Finish


I working on a binding for a baby quilt, and an old memory popped out.  There was a group of us helping a friend to finish her quilt, so we were all working together on the binding.  At one point, two people were nearing each other on an edge of the quilt, because one was sewing to the left and one was sewing to the right.  It wasn’t a matter of right-handed and left-handed.  They were both on the same edge of the quilt sewing in two different directions.  We had never noticed that quilters sewed bindings differently.


Even though I’m right handed, I tend to sew bindings to the left.  How many of you sew to the left?  How many of you sew to the right?


I was thinking about this because I guess I sew the back of the binding in a different way from others too.  I tend to have the quilt on my lap, with the edge away from me, so I can see the folded edge of the binding, like this:


Binding - The Last Push to Finish


But I’ve noticed that other quilters will put the bulk of the quilt away from them, with the edge facing them, like this:


Binding - The Last Push to Finish


Is there a right way and wrong way?  I don’t think so.  As long as you sew all the way around the quilt and back to the beginning, you’ll finish the job.  Just as long as you don’t do it as a group.  😛


My words of wisdom for the day!  Now let me make the last push to finish this binding.



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