I’m finally able to sit down and sew.  Yay!  I’ve been working on a Block of the Month from QT Fabrics called Color Dance.  This week I made the blocks for Month 2.

Color Dance has two colorway options:  Bold and Shy.  The Bold has brighter, bolder colors, while the Shy colorway is more pastel and muted.  Here are the cut pieces from the Bold colorway I’m using for Month 2.

Color Dance Bold

Aren’t these colors yummy?!?

First I need to make a set of Pinwheel blocks, using Half-Square Triangle blocks.  Another use for my Tucker Trimmer!  Four Half-Square Triangle blocks = one Pinwheel.

Color Dance Pinwheels


And then the Pinwheel blocks are combined into rows and blocks for the final layout.

Pinwheel rows

I’m also making Chain Blocks to combine with a Pinwheel later in the process.

Chain Block 1

Chain Block 2

Oh, so pretty!  I can’t wait to start on the blocks for Month 3.

If you are interested in the Color Dance Block of the Month, it is available at Aunt Mary’s Quilting in Derry, NH.  Kits are available, and I’ll be teaching classes once a month for each Block of the Month section starting in February.

Stay tuned for more blocks from Color Dance!


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