Hi everyone!  Instead of “sheltering-in-place,” I’ve borrowed the term Artist-in-Residence.  It makes me feel cool and hip while I’m behaving myself at home.

Since I have some serious quality time in my studio, I’ve been designing some new patterns.  One didn’t work out the way I had hoped, so it’s on a time-out right now until I feel like dealing with it.

Here in New Hampshire, we’re dealing with mud season:  the snow is gone, but everything is brown and cruddy.  So, I decided I need to work with some bright and fun fabrics, and I’m going to combine them with a panel of zinnias from Elizabeth’s Studio.  To keep it simple, I’m starting with strip sets.



Then I sub-cut the 6 different strip sets into sections.



Tomorrow, I’ll play with the layout.  See you then!


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