My Favorite Colors


I think no one will be surprised to find out that purple is my favorite color, with apple green my second favorite.  My studio is purple, I wear lots of purple, my house has purple accessories.


My Favorite Colors


I also tend to use a lot of purple in my quilts, a habit I’m trying to break.  It’s great to have a brand color for my business, but when I do a trunk show or set up my booth, it can be a little much.  Now I’m trying to expand my color horizons and work with different tints, tones, and shades.


That’s probably why my last few quilts have had *lots* of color, trying to do something different.


My Favorite ColorsLast Quilt - First and Last Quilts


I’m hoping this winter to work on a project in a new and different color harmony, trying to take my own advice from my color lecture.  I should just open one of my color theory books, randomly pick a page, and make myself use those colors.  I’ll just say “no” to using my favorite colors.


Hopefully I won’t get frustrated and put the project in the “time out” pile.  I really don’t need to add to my UFO pile.  What’s a girl to do?



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