Now I’m adding sashing in between the vertical rows of the quilt, using the background fabric so that the sashing will blend in.



The quilt top is wide enough, but I want it to be longer, so I add wide borders to the top and bottom.



I really like the way the green is making the rest of the colors pop.  🙂    Now to double-check my measurements so I can begin writing the pattern.



Argh!  Well, I screwed up.  To get the zinnias in the layout I wanted, I added fudge pieces.  I un-sewed some colored strips to make them the size I wanted and puzzle-pieced them in.  That made the piecing of the rows more complicated and not simple to replicate.  I want to keep it simple so the pattern writing will be easier.  Argh!

I like to make my quilts with a picture in my mind, and take notes along the way.  But then I always need to reverse engineer the instructions, which doesn’t always work out well. This was one of those times.  I like the quilt, and I’ll use it as a sample, but I need to make another one after planning the layout *and* the measurements.



I spent an afternoon sketching another layout, making sure the strip measurements fit.  This version only has 2 fudge pieces, so it will be easier to write the pattern.  O.K., on to sewing another top!  I’ll show you that progress in future posts.

Take care and stay safe!


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