I’m using the Shaded 4-Patch block as the basis for my new pattern, Gemma.  I couldn’t decide between the two sets of Northcott Fabrics, so I’m going to do what I often do when faced with a decision between two great options – I’ll use both sets!  Since the Shaded 4-Patch is such a versatile block, I’ll showcase it by creating two different layouts for the pattern.  Two for the price of one. Yay!

With this technique by Deb Tucker and the Tucker Trimmer, I don’t need to cut triangles and I don’t need to piece triangles.  The block is made with strips and rectangles.  So here I am cutting strips and rectangles.

A colored strip is then sewn to a background strip.

After sub-cutting the strips, sewing the subcuts, sewing that unit to the rectangles, then cutting again, I end up with these beautiful Shaded 4-Patch blocks.

In this design, I’ve made the same block two different ways: the block with a medium triangle and a dark square, and a block with a dark triangle and a medium square (using a light background in both sets).  This gives me more options in the layout.

Now that all my blocks are made, it’s time to play with layouts.  I’ll show you various alternatives in the next blog post.  🙂


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