In my last blog post, I laid out 12 different possible designs for Gemma using 64 Shaded 4-Patch blocks.  Everyone was so great about posting your opinions, here and on my Facebook page.

The runaway winner was Design No. 3!  Somewhat traditional, but a little bit funky.

Since there were other strong opinions, I decided to offer a second design within the pattern too.  The other layout will be Design No. 2.  Definitely more on the modern side.

Gemma will have options for the traditional quilter as well as the modern quilter.  Two designs in one pattern!

And now, congratulations to the winners I picked at random from those who helped me decide on the designs!  Barbara G. from Enfield, NH and Diane O. from Mattawan, MI received these adorable pins.

Now, I have to get back to sewing and finish these two tops.


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