Now that I have the basic instructions down for the Gemma pattern, I need to come up with visuals or diagrams to go with them.  Yes, I must admit, I think my instructions are well written, but quilters are visual people, and most are visual learners.  They want to see it!  So graphics are a must in a pattern.

Each picture or diagram in a pattern must be created individually.  There are 20 different graphics created for Gemma.  The more complex the graphic, the longer it takes to create it.  Even though I have software programs that help, it takes many hours hunched over the computer keyboard to get them done.

A simpler graphic would be something like this strip set, containing two colors of rectangles and a dashed line.

Something more complex, like this cutting instruction, has multiple pieces and layers.

Another example: while EQ7 will print a diagram of the design, I still need to create an exploded version to show the quilter how to lay out each block to complete the design.  I do that by actually laying out each block one-by-one manually.

Between EQ7, Photoshop, and Publisher, I manage o.k., but I really need to invest in something like CorelDraw to make my life easier.  Another thing for the to-do list – argh!

So, Gemma graphics are done – now on to RickRack.


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