My Thread Mini-Project


I’m working on a UFO project, doing some embroidery and quilting on a fused applique wallhanging.  I’m playing with lots of threads, and I notice that my spools are getting dusty.  I love having my threads displayed by the sewing station, because of all the pretty colors.  But the threads are exposed to light (not good), and they are getting dirty (also not good).  I’m not about to start cleaning my spools on a regular basis, so I decided to make covers for the spool racks.


Sewing Station with Thread Racks


A quick measurement told me that a fat quarter was all I needed for each rack.


Thread Racks Uncovered


I didn’t overthink my fabric choices, I just grabbed a couple of fat quarters from a bin.  I sewed seams to make two corners, and the covers simply slide on top of the top row of spools.  A quick and easy fix!


Thread Racks Covered


I’ll cover the racks when I wrap up for the day, but take them off when sewing so I can still see all the pretty colors.


Although this was a small diversion from the wallhanging, it was a quick and easy thread mini-project.  Now back to quilting the wallhanging.  Yes, I’m actually quilting instead of piecing.  Yay!  I’ll post those photos soon.



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