I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about ongoing projects.  I’ve been so busy lately (teaching, lecturing, judging) that I haven’t had much time for sewing.  I finally got a free weekend (yay!) and planned to get some samples done. My studio tends to become a disaster area when I’m working on a project (surprise, surprise!), so of course, it was a disaster from the *last* project and I needed to clean out and organize.  That took all day.  So much for sewing samples.  Argh!


[Sidebar note:  I dropped in some sewing clip art for visual interest.  You can tell it was designed by a non-sewist.  Why are these people always sewing from the wrong side of the machine?!?!?]


Anyway, it was Day 2 of my free weekend.  Thanks to my trusty Tucker Trimmer,  I was able to whip out this table runner for a class sample.  My old Rangeley Runner sample is pretty, but I needed a new one in batiks.  What do you think?

A table runner is always good for some instant gratification.  *Now* I feel I’ve accomplished something.  On to my next sample, a twin size Solitaire.  I’ll be posting soon.


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