Record Coaster Fun

Remember, back in the day, this is how we made our playlist:

Stacked 45 records

Earlier this year in my Inspired Stitches newsletter, I posted a link to and directions to make coasters that look like 45 rpm records.  When I saw them, I thought they would make a great gift.  I also knew that my DJ musician friend would get a kick out of them.  Now that her birthday has passed, I can share!

I started by making the records with black solid fabric and fusible fleece:

record coaster base

I chose colorful fabrics for the labels and adapters:

label fabrics

Then I fused the label circles and adapter circles to the records, and stitched them down:

record coaster with label

Quilting created the grooves in the record:

record coaster with quilting

These coasters are pretty big (7 inches across), so I call them mug rugs.  OMG, they are so much fun to make!

I’ll re-post the directions here.  I hope you have as much making the coasters/mug rugs as I did!


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