Time to Make a Bag!

I’ve been making some quick and easy bags as samples for a class.  With just three fabrics, I can make bags in three different sizes.

First, I make the straps for handles.

Time to Make a BagStrap 2Strap 3

Then I build the body of the bag:  a layer of batting, a layer for the inside of the bag, then a layer for outside pockets.

Bag photo

Then add the straps to create a handle.

Bag 2

Sewing the straps onto the bag layers will create the outside pockets.  I create two of these units, then sew them with right sides together.  Trimming the batting at the seams and clipping the corners will help prevent bulk once the bag is turned right side out.

Bag 3

I box the corners to create a flat bottom to the bag.

Bag corner

Turn the piece right sides out, insert the lining into the bag, press, and – Voila! – a fun and easy bag.

It a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric, and great for gifts!

More sewing to come!


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