I’m working on my UFO pile, and this time I grabbed a small pizza box from the pile.  Yup, another oldie, but not as old as the vest.

Inside the pizza box was a stack of blocks, some leftover fabric, a notebook, and a list of people.  Aha!  These blocks are from a Block Robin I did with the Souhegan Valley Quilt Guild in 2014 when I still belonged to the guild.  Like a Round Robin or a Row Robin, we passed around the box once a month, and the next person on the list needed to make a block within the theme.  Some themes were elaborate, but mine was pretty simple.  I supplied the purple background fabric, and asked everyone in my group to make a star.  Any star, as long as they were all different.  The blocks could be 3 1/2″, 6 1/2″, or 9 1/2″.

These are the blocks I got back.



What a great selection, and all three sizes too.  Pieced blocks, paper pieced blocks, and an appliqued block.  Pretty cool!  Now I had to plan a layout.

I decided to put the blocks on point, just because.  I thought it might give me some fudge room.  Have you ever worked on a group project, where all the seam allowances and block sizes are different?  Now you know why I needed some fudge factor.

I played for a while, and this is the final product.



I like it a lot, especially with the different sizes of block.  Hmmmm . . . there may be a pattern coming out of this one.

Thanks to all who contributed to my new quilt:  Sue Boots, Ellen Fisher, Marie Joerger, Patty Magaw, Paulette McAlexander, Bonnie Myers, Linda Pearl, Trish Walstad, and Barbara Warren.  Yay, the top is finally done!  Now to get it quilted.

What will next week’s UFO be?


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