This will be a quick post.  I had two UFO’s where the blocks were done, and all I had to do was to put the rows together and add borders.

UFO #5 was a set of flying geese blocks that I bought at a UFO auction.  $5 for 44 blocks – not a bad deal!  So here are the blocks:



I played with lots of layouts, and ended up with this one.  I added two borders, and now I have another Flying Geese sample for my Quick and Easy Flying Geese class.



Thanks to the person at SCQG who donated the blocks to the auction!


UFO #6:  Back when the Square Dance quilt was all the rage, I taught a lot of classes.  In my stash I had all the blocks sewn and cut out for this Square Dance quilt.

If you’ve ever made one of these quilts, you know you *absolutely* need to keep all these blocks in order as you cut them.  Otherwise, you’ll never figure out how to put them together in the correct layout.  Kathie Of The Past was smart enough to pin all the blocks for each row together, in order, and number them.  Yay!  Again, all I had to do was sew the blocks together and add a border.



Once quilted, I’ll have a baby quilt for my stash.

Sorry there aren’t more pictures, but I’ve really gotten into the groove of finishing these UFOs, and I forget to take photos.  Stay tuned for UFO #7!


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