Updating Virtual Lectures


This week’s project is to update my last virtual lecture.  I’ve already converted my Studio 180 Design Lecture and Easy Color for Quilters to a virtual format, and this week I’m working on Secrets from the Judge’s Chambers.  When I lecture in person, my presentation includes a trunk show because, well, it’s all about the quilts, right?!  So the first two lectures required a ton of work: waiting for the right day to photograph the quilts outside, photographing all the quilts, transferring them to my computer, tweaking the pictures in Photoshop, then preparing a PowerPoint presentation.


Updating Virtual LectureUpdating Virtual Lecture


I think this lecture will be easier to convert, because I should have pictures for most of the quilts already.  The quilts I’ve entered into quilt shows are the quilts I use for this presentation.  I do a quick run-through of what judges look for when evaluating quilts, then I discuss the judges’ comments on my quilts and how I used those comments to improve my work.



Well, I’ve stalled enough already.  Better pull out my notes and get to it.  Yup, more time on the computer.  Hopefully I can do some sewing tomorrow.

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