So, in the last episode, I made 64 Shaded 4-Patch Blocks – 32 blocks with a dark square and a medium triangle, and 32 blocks with a medium square and a dark triangle.  I love the Shaded 4-Patch block because it is *so* versatile.  For example, how many designs can I make with these 64 blocks?  Yesterday I played with blocks all day, and came up with a dozen different designs.



That’s 1 block, 2 color layouts, 3 colors, and you get at least 12 different designs.  Imagine the variety of designs that can be created with 4, 5, or 6 colors?

So, now I need your help.  I want to include two designs in my new pattern to showcase its versatility, and I can’t decide which two.  Argh!  What are your two favorites?  Leave your comments below and tell me which you like.  Maybe I’ll even give out a few prizes later.  (Such a tease.)


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