Left Brain vs. Right Brain – Work vs. Creativity


This is me most days, juggling all the work necessary for my small business.  I’ve always been a multi-tasker, which worked well for me in my past lives as a travel agent, legal secretary/paralegal, biologist and biotechnologist.  When I decided to turn my part-time quilt teacher job into full-time, I knew I’d have to give up some of the “fun” of quilting to turn this hobby into a serious business.  Teaching and lecturing in person is always fun, but then there are days when the left brain is working harder than the right brain.


I was lucky in that, as the computer age developed, I worked in positions to take advantage of it.  I rode the computer wave, and learned as much as I could along the way.  But at some point, computers weren’t fun anymore.  Now I feel like I’m treading water, just barely keeping up.  Website, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, emails, pattern graphics, video production, and on and on.  All left brain work.


But then, I retreat to my studio and let the right side of my brain take over.  I simply pull fabric from my stash, make piles of pretty colors, and think about which ones will play together well in my next project.  It’s almost meditative.  Simple projects, complicated projects, even just adding a binding to a quilt centers me and grounds me.  Now I make sure to schedule time in my studio for a creativity check.


With all the craziness going on right now, make sure to take time for yourself.  Plan some fun time in your studio and find that balance that your brain needs. Do It Now!



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