After taking a break to enjoy the sunshine, I got back to the sewing room to play with the Corner Pop 3 tool.  Similar to the Corner Pop 2, the Corner Pop 3 tool is designed to pop a corner of a block to create a long, spiky triangle in that corner.  The triangle is three times long as it is wide (a 3:1 ratio).  With 21 different sizes, imagine the design possibilities!



I just love the new Bauble pattern that is a companion for the Corner Pop 3 tool, but I decided to make a smaller project.  I’ll take pieces of the pattern to make a table runner instead.



In the table runner, there are basically two blocks:  one rectangular unit cut diagonally into two triangles, and a similar rectangular unit with an extra popped corner.  I chose rainbow colors just because it’s easy (red, pink, orange, green, teal, blue, purple) with a black background and yellow as the accent.  I cut the appropriate rectangles from each color.  Then, using the Corner Pop 3, I cut triangles from the rectangles.



Sewing the long sides of the triangles together, I create more rectangles.



As always, the rectangles are oversized and need to be trimmed down to the proper size.  I use the Corner Pop 3 tool to trim two sides, then the other two sides.



I leave the red/black rectangles as they are, because they’ll go on the ends of the runner.  I use the Corner Pop 3 again to trim off a corner on the rest of the pieced rectangles.  I cut the yellow accent fabric into smaller rectangles, then into triangles, and add the yellow to the trimmed rectangles.



Again, I trim the excess fabric to create the perfectly-sized rectangle.



All that’s left is to add sashing, cornerstones, and a small border, and I’ve got a really cool table runner!



Stop by in the “Shop” Tab above to find the Corner Pop 2 and Corner Pop 3 tools and companion patterns!




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