Sewing Studio Tour!


Since my studio is not a total disaster right now, only just messy, I thought I’d give your a studio tour.  I actually have gear and equipment all over the house:  my vending equipment is in the garage, my teaching gear and equipment and quilts are in a closet in the guest room, and all my business paraphernalia are in the office.  Now let me show you my sewing space.


Entrance from the hallway:


Yes, my sewing space is purple, the color of creativity!


Work Triangle - Sewing Studio Tour


I walk right into the work triangle:  cutting station, pressing station, sewing station.  I gets tons of light from the two windows in the room, although the shades are pulled for the photos.


Here are my cutting and pressing stations:


Pressing and Cutting Stations



My cutting station is an antique enamel kitchen table that I have up on blocks to bring it to the correct height.  It’s the perfect size for a 24″ x 36″ cutting mat.  Under the table is a huge plastic tub where my batting lives.  Notice that the table sticks out from the wall, making an “L” shape from the pressing station.


For pressing, I have a 6-drawer bureau, again raised to the correct height with bed risers.  My husband cut a board the same size as the top, which I covered with batting and an ironing board cover.  Lots of room for pressing and great storage underneath!


Reliable Steam Station


Santa brought me this Reliable Steam Station last year for Christmas.  I just love it!  The tank under the iron holds 1 liter of water, and I can press with steam for days without refilling.  The temperature and steam are perfect for cotton, and I get a great seam press.  The only downside is that it takes up a lot of room on my pressing board, so I have it on a rolling cart beside the bureau.  The cart tucks in between the cutting station and pressing station without getting in the way.


Here’s my sewing station:


Sewing Station - Sewing Studio Tour


The two table ends can fold down into the center cabinet, but I leave them up because I need the working space.  Again, I’ve pulled the cabinet out from the wall to use floor space instead of wall space.


Design Wall - Sewing Studio Tour


My design wall is next to the closet, and tucks in behind the closet door when it’s open.  The closet has six shelves for all sorts of UFOs, thread, extra machines, duplicates for classes and retreats, whatever I can cram in there.  The design wall rolls up and down like a roller shade, but I usually just leave it down.


Fabric Storage - Sewing Studio Tour


Most of my fabric is in plastic tubs, which are usually covered by curtains to keep out the light.  Separated by color, smaller tubs have fat quarters and smaller sizes; larger tubs have yardage.  Bolts of fabric are behind the Quilting Goddess, who watched over me when I work.


I have a lot crammed into a small room, but I’m grateful that I have a separate room for sewing.  That way I can just shut the door on the mess!


I hope you enjoyed my sewing studio tour.  I’d love to see your sewing space too!


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